Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wedding Anniversary Homemade Gift Ideas

Tomorrow is Erik and my 5th wedding anniversary(legal as opposed to Islamic). I have vowed to buy nothing new for an entire year. Admittedly, I can buy gifts for other people, but I would really like to make Erik a homemade gift, but I have no idea what. I could buy him Royals tickets, but that is so predictable because I have done that for about 4 different occasions. If anybody reading this has any ideas for great homemade gifts (besides food because I have plenty of ideas for that), please post them as soon as possible. I am going crazy. On the bright side, Erik hasn't mentioned our anniversary at all. I'm sort of hoping he forgot because that will give me longer to figure out the perfect gift. Ideas please!!!

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Braveharte said...

I realize this is a little late, but I love to frame photographs that I've taken in artsy ways... Fun to hang up in the house or at work. :)