Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LSAT Stages of Grief

I finally got my LSAT Score. It certainly took them long enough. My score was decent, but I think I will take it again so that I have a better chance at scholarships. I don't know. The next time I can take it is in June so I think I will decide closer to then. In the meantime, there was a really funny posting on one of the law school forums that I have been reading. The backstory is that for the first time ever, there may have been two different experimental sections on the LSAT. Everyone was going crazy. Kaplan said that the experimental section was definitely Section 1(and according to them, they are never wrong). However, many people, including myself, were absolutely sure that it was Section 3. We all hoped that it was Section 1 because it was very difficult, but we knew that it was Section 3 because it was so easy. As it turns out, depending on the version of the test any given person had, it could have been Logic Games or Logical Reasoning.
Here is that posting by dansmeek at Top Law School Forum.

LSAT Stages of Grief:

i think i've entered into step 5 of my 'realization that my experimental section is section 3 phase'.

i went thru the first phase (denial) rather quickly -- well partly because i've been preparing in the back of my mind that the harder sectino had to be the experimental.

then i progressed to anger 'god damnit stupids tls posters, just tell me its section one and be done' and moreso towards the lsac 'how dare they make more than one experimental, it is my right as a human being to be entitled to a single cross sectional experimental sectino for the lsats, and i have been violated!'

next was my most difficult stage: bargaining. 'Just please, let me have it be section 1... you can change it to section 3 just a few days after the test, but when I get my test results, just tell me its section 1, please? I won't tell anyone, I promise'

i then went to workout where i progressed to depression 'i cant believe i did so bad on section 1. what am i doing. maybe i should forget this lawyer business and become a dentist, or a circle K attendant.'

And finally acceptance. Maybe I didn't do so bad on section 1. Just cuz I guessed on 2 questions isnt that big of a deal. I could have easily missed a ton more on section 3 for all I know. Maybe I actually did better on section 1 than I did section 3. I am ready. I don't want to struggle anymore

now please.... GIVE ME MY SCORE!!

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